5 Top Skincare Tips to Fight the Cold Weather

The cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin. It can become dry, flaky, irritated, and in desperate need of repair. But when there's no let-up from the weather, how do you best protect your skin and keep it healthy and hydrated?

Here are 5 top skincare tips, for fighting the cold weather.

1 - Upgrade Your Moisturiser

Regularly moisturising your skin is the first step in keeping it hydrated in the winter. The best application process is a thick layer in the morning after your bath or shower, and then another time 30 minute before you go to sleep. If your skin is in desperate need of moisture, you can also apply an oil before your moisturiser to lock in the hydration.

The SootheSkin Atlantic Kelp & Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream is a luxurious cream for sensitive and dry skin, that provides your skin with hours of hydration and protection.

2 - Use Gentle Skin Care Products

Using products that are built from organic and natural ingredients, rather than chemicals, will make sure your skin isn’t stripped of its own layers of moisture and protection. Always read the ingredients list and choose products that contain oils and vitamins needed to protect your skin's moisture barrier.

3 - Avoid Taking Extremely Hot Showers and Baths

While it can be tempting to use very hot water in the cold months, taking hot showers can create cracks on the surface of the skin. This damage is even worse if you don’t take the time to properly moisturise afterwards. If you simply can’t face turning the water temperature down, try to keep your bathroom door shut so the moisture remains in the air and use a thick layer of moisturiser while your skin is still damp.

4 - Don’t Go Outside With Damp Skin

Obviously you’re not likely to run outside straight after taking a shower, but people often forget about drying their hands properly before going out into the cold air. If your skin is damp when it’s exposed to the cold it’s far more likely to chap and become irritated. It’s just like when dry lips become even worse when licked. Always dry your hands thoroughly before going outside, even if just for a quick trip.

5 - Avoid Over Exfoliating

The amount of times you should exfoliate entirely depends on your skin type, for example, those with really dry skin should rarely do it. No matter what your skincare routine, however, when it’s cold out you should always try to limit your exfoliating once a week. Removing dead skin compromises your skin's barrier, which can dry it out in the cold air. And remember, always moisturise after exfoliating to help speed up the regeneration of your skin.

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