Effective hand protection after hand washing during the coronavirus outbreak

With the coronavirus outbreak, we are all paying more attention to our personal hygiene, including frequently washing hands with soap and water. 

However, frequent hand washing has caused many people's skin to suffer, because their skin's natural barrier has been eroded by chemicals in the soaps. 

For emergency workers, including NHS and Police, long periods of wearing latex gloves can also make your hands feel like they've been through a 12-hour sauna. 

While emollient washes can keep people's hands clean, it is also important to moisturise your hands after washing your hands. Luckily, our Atlantic Kelp & Rosehip Hydrating Cream doubles up as an awesome hand cream, absorbing quickly and specifically formulated for dry skin.

SootheSkin Hydrating Day Cream

As a luxurious natural cream, it is cruelty-free and The Vegan Society registered, meaning that it is free from animal-derived ingredients.

Furthermore, the benefit of an airless pump is that it is easy to apply the cream without risk of contamination. 

The WHO recommended hand washing method can be found on their website:


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