3 Bedtime Skincare Tips for People with Eczema

For people who suffer from eczema, night times can often be the most frustrating time of the day. Dry and itchy skin can lead to uncomfortable and sleepless nights.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to help you find relief and hopefully catch a few more hours of sleep at night.

1 - Always Hydrate Your Skin Before You Sleep

A good and consistent skincare routine is the main change you can make to help with dry skin. Around 30 minutes before you go to sleep, you should always apply a thick layer of moisturiser cream to any areas affected by eczema.

Doing this before you go to bed give the cream enough time to fully skin into your skin, and work its calming magic. Another good tip is to apply moisturiser after a bath or shower while your skin is still damp, as this helps to lock in the moisture.

SootheSkin has a deeply nourishing moisturiser, that is perfect for use before bed. Its active ingredients are powerful and long-lasting, so they continue to work many hours after you apply it.

2 - Use Soft Gloves to Protect Itchy Skin

Due to the irritation caused by eczema, many people unintentionally scratch their skin at night. This can lead to further irritation and inflammation. One way to reduce this risk is to keep your nails trimmed, another is to wear soft cotton gloves at night. This way if you do end up scratching you’re will still feel a little relief, but you’re far less likely to hurt yourself.

Some people also swear by using gloves to train themselves into not scratching, eventually enabling them to rarely scratch in their sleep at all.

3 - Choose Soft and Appropriate Bedding and Sleepwear

The material of the bedding you sleep on can have a huge impact on your body temperature. To avoid irritating your skin, you want to sleep in a cool environment. Try to choose breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo, and make sure you wash them frequently to remove any dust mites or skin debris.

 The same goes for the clothes you choose to sleep in. For the most comfort choose soft, loose-fitting and breathable fabrics that also absorb moisture. You want our skin to be protected, but not tightly covered.

If you’re struggling to sleep due to eczema covered skin, start by implementing these three changes, and add SootheSkin moisturiser to your morning and night daily routines.


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